Program Update

Bp Program Update

Bp Program Update

Best Practice Software recommends users regularly update their program version of Best Practice.
The latest program version of Best Practice available is:

program update
Lava Service Pack 1

For a full list of changes within this version, refer to Lava Service Pack 1 release notes. (Pdf Version)
Before you perform the Program Update, you require:

  • Please ensure you have read the Lava Upgrade Checklist prior to proceeding.
  • Best Practice version or higher and the February 2017 Data Update or higher.
  • Windows XP SP3 or higher (NOTE: Version upgrade cannot be installed on Windows 2000 or earlier)
  • NET Framework 4 (installs automatically if not present, however will require a reboot of the PC)
    NOTE: If .NET 4 is not already installed on your Server a reboot is required, therefore the update cannot be performed while Best Practice is in use. In this case, all users will need to log out of Best Practice until the upgrade is complete on the server.

If you are unfamiliar with applying Best Practice updates, the following Knowledge base article explains how to download an update from this site. 

IMPORTANT: This update will need to update the database tables used by the program.  Best Practice Software recommends updating the server outside of business hours or when the server is not under load.  After applying to the server, the upgrade can then be applied to each workstation – this workstation update should only take a few minutes.  Due to new features released in the Lava update it is a requirement that any sites using Management update all clients immediately as Management functions will be disabled in previous versions that connect to a Lava server install.