Bp Learning

How we can help

Our Enterprise Specialist team are here to help your user experience of Best Practice Software. Our team bring extensive experience in the medical software industry and understand the special needs of Australian and New Zealand GPs and their staff. With experienced general practice, nursing and practice management staff on our team, we appreciate the competing demands of busy surgeries. We can also work closely with your local IT support person to provide a comprehensive service, truly responsive to your business needs. We can help advise new customers in the process of converting existing patient data into a format required by Best Practice. Our self-help materials will guide you through installing the software, performing a data conversion, then configuring the software for your exciting ‘go live’ date.


Bp Masterclass

A brand new way to get up to speed for people who scarcely slow down.

To mark our most powerful release ever Best Practice Software brings you our most accessible tutorial program, Bpmasterclass. Free daily lunchtime webinars combine the immediacy of a true master class with the convenience of participating wherever you have a PC. Or catchup later at any time that suits you. Click here for more details.


Self Paced Learning

Our range of self-help materials and resources are available to Bp users 24/7. We recommend users consult these resources first, to provide a rapid answer to your question:

Our User Forum is an active online community of Best Practice users who openly share tips,ideas and suggestions, and ask escalated support or operability queries.Visit our User Forum and share the knowledge with Best Practice power, beginner and intermediate users join the conversation.

Our own online video channel empowers you with simple, friendly, easy to follow video guides ideal for the beginner user, or those experienced users wanting to know various tips and tricks to make navigation, workflow, reporting and everyday life with Best Practice that bit easier

If you've got a question on using navigation around Best Practice, chances are another user has already asked it, and had it answered. View our list of source documents to have your frequently asked questions easily answered with simple step-by-step instructions and great user tips.

As a highly intuitive application, most computer-literate users will have little difficulty navigating Best Practice, but you and your practice team may benefit from exploring one of our user training options - most delivered to your desktop. WIth different types of options available such as Watch and LearnWebcast, Hub or Event Specific Training (such as GP or Nurse related exhibitions), your practice is empowered weith several different choices to suit your practice's needs and time constraints.