Bp Summit

Bp Summit

Bp Premier Summit - Our Premier User Event

The Bp  Premier Summit event is our official user event and conference, celebrating the great relationship we have with our users. The Bp Premier Summit provides an opportunity where our Executive, Managers, Leaders and product experts meet our users in a relaxed atmosphere … and come together for a lot of fun. We showcase our products, give insights into ‘the next big thing’, and answer any questions you may have or take any ideas or suggestions on board.


Bp Premier Summit

Bp Premier Summit 2017


It's official! A date for the event everyone has been waiting for is announced!

The Bp Premier Summit is set for April 21- 23, 2017

We are ready and gearing up for the next Bp Premier Summit, aimed at delivering more detailed and practice specific workflows using Bp Premier, and a feature rich experience with more involvement from our partners and integrated vendors than ever before! Our new session plans, key note discovery sessions and product release plans are mapping you and your practice's way to the stars and beyond, as we dive into our immersive courses designed by our product experts created from your feedback received at previous Bp Summits and exhibitions that Bp has attended.

This just shows how we are committed to improving every aspect of Bp and that we encourage user feedback, not just for our evolving range of products and their features.

We hope with the commitment we are making for the upcoming Bp Premier Summit that you'll join us, as it's growing to be one of Australia's best events to attend for the health industry in 2017!



For more information on the Bp Premier Summit event, please contact our Relationship Support Team


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